vertercu324, 41 years old, Australia I am a woman, 41 years old, seeking a man from 40 till 46
vertercu324, Brisbane
explorer4x4, 34 years old, Australia Hi,I am a easygoing,down to earth guy looking for my soulmate
explorer4x4, Brisbane
myloveone112, 40 years old, Australia I am a woman, 40 years old, seeking a man from 45 till 65
myloveone112, Brisbane
katrina_calma69, 31 years old, Australia I am an open-minded girl that loves life with everything that it brings. I am friendly, flirty, sensual, talkative and with a very good sense of humour. Lets share our inner most ual feelings, desires, and fantasies together dont be shy! we can explore just about anything.. and both have a lot of...
katrina_calma69, Brisbane
lee81p, 37 years old, Australia Date #1 wasn't overly attracted to & was obsessed with talking about before & after we met. Date #2 attracted to but farted burped made racial remarks out loud asked to s n didn't hear from him again wasted 5 hours of my time. Date #3 somewhat attracted to nice guy but into drugs. Date #4 nice boy...
lee81p, Brisbane
RyaninRoma, 46 years old, Australia I am looking for a beautiful women to make me happy and love me back as much as I love her
RyaninRoma, Brisbane
mreasyjim, 56 years old, Australia HELLO I'M LOOKING FOR A GOOD AMUSING CHITCHAT, WHO'S UP FOR IT, HEY ??
mreasyjim, Brisbane
ksandr757, 28 years old, Australia hey hey
ksandr757, Brisbane
abdeware140307, 52 years old, Australia luchshe Asadova ne skazesh: Эдуард Асадов --- Как много тех, с кем можно лечь в постель, Как мало тех, с кем хочется проснуться… И утром, расставаясь улыбнуться, И помахать рукой, и улыбнуться, И целый день, волнуясь, ждать вестей. Как много тех, с кем можно просто жить, Пить утром кофе, говорить и...
abdeware140307, Brisbane
Victoria33kelley, 38 years old, Australia Hello guys, am new on here so please go easy on me, anyway smile wide because it only takes a smile to make a dark day seems bright,Am also looking for someone who can Rock my world.Do you think you are the one? Ok the let communicate and see.
Victoria33kelley, Brisbane